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Man's Guide To Wearing Bracelets

Each garment of cloth we wear is a small world with its own set of rules. What shirt do you choose to wear depends on the place you are going, the event’s etiquette, your style, the activities you’ll be performing, and the list keeps going. The same happens with denim jeans, for example, it’s an entire world of textures, cuts, shapes, colors, and more. It’s a completely different universe for every single garment we can think of.

And the same happens with accessories, whether they are for men or women. We have rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even hair accessories. And for each of them, there are certain rules one can follow to nail the overall look one is trying to go for. Nevertheless, there are no mandatory rules, you can still be playful and try new alternatives, but if you don’t know where to start accessorizing yourself, they are a good place to start.

Leaving trends aside, bracelets have always been the only constant in men's styling. When it comes to said accessory, there are a few guidelines you can follow to achieve the perfect fit, keeping in mind your personal style and the overall look.

How to make the right choice?

First of all, it’s an effortless accessory to wear and you can add it to any outfit, no matter the occasion: you can wear it at a brunch or day walk, to a dinner party or night out, and any other possible scenario. It’s a game-changing accessory that can elevate your look, give that little extra to make you stand out from the crowd, and show your personality. It allows people to capture their inner style.

To choose the correct bracelet, it’s important to think about the overall look: not only your style but also the event you are attending. It’s all about balancing both. Leather bracelets are always a more sustainable option because it’s a timeless material, despite the trends.

Do and don’ts

  1. If you are used to wearing a watch as well, here are some suggestions to keep in mind. Although many think that watches can't coexist with bracelets on the same wrist, it’s a common mistake. It’s a trend that has been seen in Pitti Uomo’s Street Style. You only have to be careful to not overpower it. Once again it’s all about balance.
  2. When combining different bracelets, keep in mind the variety of styles. Pick them carefully, don’t just choose them randomly: it has to be a perfect combination of textures, colors, and sizes. But most importantly, don’t overdo! You want people to appreciate the details, and see the effort and time you put into styling yourself.
  3. Confidence is fundamental. Jewelry is not just a women’s thing anymore, it has become a must in men’s wardrobe as well. The key to nailing an accessorized look is to choose statement bracelets that go with your personality and reflect your style, so you can wear them with full confidence.
  4. Think about visual weight. Have you ever experienced looking at a person with only one earring and immediately noticed he/she is lacking the other one? This happens with bracelets too. Try not to wear them all on one wrist and try to find asymmetry in both arms. When in doubt, keep it simple!
  5. Avoid monotonousness. When stacking your bracelets, be careful not to choose the same color or texture. Instead, try mixing them in a way that creates a full effect. For example, opt for one colorful bracelet and the other one neutral. Or if you choose one with several metal details, the other one should remain simpler.
  6. If you are wearing a belt, watch and/or tie clip too, be careful not to make this mistake. These are all accessories that have metal details, so you want to pay attention to the metal tones. Match the metal details on your bracelet to all the other items accordingly. After all, your accessories should be communicating the same message to make your finished outfit look on point.

Bracelets are certainly a go-to accessory for all your outfits because you can style them either to dress up or dress down depending on the event. And they add that personal touch, the last defining detail that just wraps up your complete look. An accessory like a bracelet can make a powerful difference, so don’t be afraid to add them from now on to your daily dressing routine.

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