Aside from watches and maybe a family or heraldic ring, accessories in general were traditionally considered to be more feminine or reserved for experts in the fashion world. Yet times have changed and so did trends. Not only because jewelry is no longer a women's field and now there is a wide variety of options for all genders. But also because it's no longer a VIP area for fashion insiders only. Accessories ―and especially men's bracelets― stepped down the runway and became an essential part of daily wear.

We can find very different alternatives when looking for bracelets, as well as a variety of styles to wear them. And, although this is a very positive scenario because we can all find our perfect match, it can also be quite overwhelming. You may find yourself looping and wondering: how should I wear this or that bracelet? Does it match with my outfit? Is it on trend or not? How should I combine my jewelry collection with my wardrobe?

And we can go all day long. There are many questions, but luckily we have all the answers.

But first, get inspired

Finding inspiration is crucial to make it easier when dressing up. It's not only a great way to figure out how to match and style your bracelets, but it's also an amazing way to get motivated on trying new things. Sometimes we may lack the imagination to experiment with our different accessories or we are just not sure if our chosen match is going to work out. Therefore we have come up with a few ways in which you can stay inspired with zero effort.

The following tip is a must, especially if you are not doing it already. Instagram has become almost an extension of our wardrobe and you should take huge advantage of it. Beside using the app for entertainment purposes, try following influencers but also other users in general ―including your favourite singers, for example― to get ideas on how to wear your bracelets. Try following the ones who have a similar style to yours or that you would like to resemble more. Follow our store page for some inspirations too @taneofficialstore. Pinterest can also be a great way to find inspiration and its search engine makes it extra easy. Here you can also follow the users or pages you find more relatable to you as well.

On the other hand, we advise you to stay tuned to online magazines and blogs too. It will allow you to learn more about the latest trends on accessories and how to combine them with different looks. You can also check our blog where you’ll find lots of content on how to find the right bracelet for your outfit or a beginner’s guide on men's jewelry, among others.

There are many different ways in which you can get inspired, those are just a few ideas that will get you moving. The important part is that you don’t miss any opportunity to look for inspiration because that is what will make you nail your styling skills.

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