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Men’s Bracelets Trends for 2021

Although accessories are usually considered timeless, season by season we see how some features take the main stage and hoard every single runway. Being aware of the current trends can allow you to keep your style fresh and in fashion. Minimal gestures like a well-accessorized look can be groundbreaking and let you maintain your clothes up to date.

Trends are also a big opportunity to try new styles and embrace different ways of wearing your jewelry. That is why, when following trends, it’s not about looking like a model that just got off the runway, but it’s about being inspired by the new directions and mixing them with your style.

As a reflection of the times we are living, the world of men’s jewelry has experienced an important veer: we are going to find dashing choices, vivid tones and flashy alternatives to rock all the season’s outfits.

Let’s get to know the latest trends! And remember, it’s all about getting inspired and finding new ideas for your wardrobe.

5 trends to follow

  1. Detailed pieces will rule during 2021. Make sure to add to your jewelry collection a few abstract motifs to nail this coming trend. It’s a great opportunity to show the world your artistic side and adopt some patterned statement bracelets to give your look a trendy touch.
  2. Don’t be afraid of being colorful. Embrace your colored bracelets because we are going to see them all over the place. There are no “manly” or “girly” colors anymore, those are old stereotypes that won’t survive a minute in 2021. A fashionable outfit will include eye-catching colors, whether it is the entire bracelet or just some small details.

Rose gold will be the protagonist of this new wider color palette, especially for intrepid men who are not scared of playing with striking tones. But if you feel like a full rose gold bracelet is too much for you, you can always choose one with only a few colored details.

  1. A bold trend for some, blings crossed the street from the women’s to the men’s wardrobe. During Paris Fashion Week, we saw them not only in bracelets but in all kinds of accessories, such as earrings and brooches. Sparkling bracelets can take your outfit to another level, they add that missing element that will make you look sophisticated and polished.

Although it’s a difficult trend for those who don’t feel like it’s their style, there is a perfect trick to get on board with it and not leaving your comfort zone. Don’t go with the full version, but opt for only a little bling to your bracelets, maybe just a modest detail.

  1. Maximalism never looked so good and Milan Fashion Week was proof of that. Gucci and Versace showed us that no look is completed until you add the accessories. If we were feeling minimalism vibes in the past years, 2021 men’s jewelry reflected a shift of times. A new wave of thick, bulky bracelets will lead the way this year, in particular in gold and silver tones.
  2. When in doubt, wear a statement. Street Style fashion has shown us that one unique statement piece can top off your entire look. Instead of wearing your entire jewelry collection on both wrists, you can choose one powerful bracelet and make it the lead character. Statement pieces are usually a very sustainable option because they never go out of style since they are timeless. It’s like wearing a work of art on your wrist.

    Look good, feel good. This year’s trends lead the way to a world free of stereotypes and full of bold choices. We have already seen them up and running in certain celebrities’ wardrobes, such as Harry Styles who started the ball rolling with his Gucci styled outfits.

It’s the perfect moment to experiment with your style and find your best version. When you look good, you feel good and everyone notices it. It’s simple math. So this 2021, take the time to make every outfit count, even if you are going grocery shopping.

Take these trends and upgrade your styling game! Get inspired and mix them with your personality… and a bucket full of confidence!

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