Bracelets are commonly considered the simplest accessory. Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to pick up the correct one depending on the chosen outfit. It’s all about finding the right balance between the accessory and the overall look, and maintaining your taste at the same time.

Although intuition plays a big part while achieving the desired look, there are a few recommendations one can keep in mind when dressing up. The type of bracelet you choose to wear not only depends on your style, but also on the outfit you are trying to create. It’s a combination of all three of them. What goes on your wrist has to match the full look and that is the reason why it matters so much: it’s not the same going to a black-tie event as meeting some friends for dinner at a restaurant.

How to find the perfect bracelet?

The easiest way to start the journey towards the perfect match is to think about the occasion. And then your style.

When wearing a suit, for example, it’s better to go for a metallic bracelet to flawlessly match the look. In this case, the simpler it’s better to achieve an elegant, distinguished style. 

For a more casual, comfy look – maybe a tropical, short sleeve shirt and Bermuda pants– you should opt for natural materials, such as leather. It meets the clothes’ adventurous, chill vibe. To step up the game even more, instead of a single laid bracelet, you can choose a beaded or a braided leather bracelet. Colors are a real possibility here, but be careful not to overdo them.

If the occasion is in-between formal and informal, you can pick a combination of both choices. A leather bracelet with a metallic detail will top off the look and match the style you are going for. You can play with the different tones as well to make the style trendy and fashionable.

“What kind of bracelet can I wear daily?” If you are looking for a bracelet you can have on 24/7, then here are some options. A single cord leather bracelet is a go-to, and it can also have beaded or braided details if you desire. They are very comfortable and easy to match. A bracelet with golden details is also an alternative, but it should be a very simple, clean design. Otherwise, you will get tired of looking at it all day long and it can become a little too much if worn every day.

Additional tips

Always keep in mind that the bracelet - like any other piece of jewelry - doesn’t have to overshadow your outfit. On the contrary, it is there to hold it together, it’s the icing on the cake. Any accessory you choose to wear shows others that you took time to look good, you didn’t just put some clothes on, you dressed up for the occasion.

Wearing multiple bracelets is another option you can have in consideration, especially for daily, comfy outfits. Yet you should be careful not to stack too many. Mixing thin cord bracelets, beaded bracelets, and even anchor bracelets it’s a total win. But metallic bracelets, on the other hand, shouldn’t be mixed. At least, not in the same wrist. Keep it simple and opt for your one-and-only favourite.

Attention! Avoid wearing a metallic bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. Preferably, wear on the opposite hand. If you want to wear a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch, those are a few elements you should keep in mind: color, style, and material. Focus on finding a balance between both accessories. Summing up: metals don’t go together!

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and yes, there are going to be men who can pull off some of the things we kept on the “avoid list”. But it’s a very difficult thing to do, in particular, if you are just starting on the whole accessorizing world. That is why it’s good to keep in mind these general guidelines that will make it easy for you when styling your outfit.