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Finding our unique identity in the world has been a constant mission of ours. Because our identity is our value in the world. It's empowering, our confidence pose, our inner-ally motivator and WHO we are!

So why did we create this product you might ask.
We had struggled to find really unique men bracelets since university. We recall wearing gig wristbands for weeks, sometimes months to give us that identity look of ‘yes I was there!’.
It’s hard to rockup to interviews, office and events with gig bands and be taken seriously - sadly.
So we wanted to re-ignite that unique identity look by creating these unique bracelets for men. Get that sophistication look anywhere you wear this to. Get that ‘wow that’s an awesome bracelet’ compliments and definitely be taken seriously.

As part of our Why, we wanted to help define our accessorizing identity sustainably with products that are handwoven or handmade so we are reducing the carbon footprint in the world.

With this mission, we have carefully selected and appreciate our bracelets; beautifully handwoven and sustainably made to give a unique look every time it's made!
Yes that's right, your bracelet is unique every time! This is due to the fact that it's handwoven and it adds to the sophistication :-) - yes own it!

We care about the planet a lot so we plant a tree for every bracelet sold so we carbon offset all shipping and postage.

So when you rock your new unique look, rock it with pride because we are planting a tree on your behalf.

You are Tāne!

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